Love is Ageless

The furniture was moved to the sides of the room.
The rented folding chairs were carefully placed around the folding tables that were set up in the middle of the now more open living room.
The table cloths were spread across the tables and the settings were neatly placed at each seat.
When everyone arrived the time could not have been more joyful if it were linen, fine china and crystal.
The age didn’t matter.
Every generation was represented. Yet it was seamless in the connections.
I realized then what it was.
Love is ageless.
Love is timeless.
The food was great.
The laughter was heartfelt.
The chatter was filled with real listening.
The life stories were all being shared.
The hope for each other was beautiful.
That is what a holiday or any gathering should be.
Family and friends together.
The ageless experiment.


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