The gentle moments

I sat alone at the Miami  restaurant table having a glass of wine. It was a quiet Miami night. The restaurant was just starting to come alive. The elderly man slowly walked in. He was struggling with each step but his two adult children were gently guiding him.  The staff clearly knew him and helped him to his seat.  His kids thanked them all. I watched from the near table. As I walked out I stopped by their table and commented that they were a lovely family.  The man smiled, thanked me and reached out to shake my hand.  Both children also thanked me and then asked why I stopped by.  I told them that we don’t seem to just reflect on gentle moments in life and I wanted to. That’s all.  Later that night I heard from a friend who’s husband just became suddenly ill. Think about it. Don’t wait to stop by a table and reflect on the gentle moments in life. These days they seem far apart and nearly forgotten.


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4 Responses to The gentle moments

  1. Ivonne Lorie 09/15/2016 at #

    Beautiful post! Just enjoyed a gentle moment reading it. Thank you!

    • Paul 09/24/2016 at #

      Ivonne, thank you. It was a lovely Miami evening. See you next trip.

  2. Wendy 09/23/2016 at #

    Beautifully written. It’s the small moments of kindness and gratuity that become the glue of life. These are the moments in which our true characters are revealed. It’s up to all of us to shine the light on these moments so hey can be recreated. Love

    • Paul 09/24/2016 at #

      Wendy, thank you for your beautiful thoughts. Have a gentle sweet evening.

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