The hidden place

I remember the day we first saw her. She needed a lot of work. She was neglected. She needed attention and some family to really care for her. The kids were little then. She was so big and had all kinds of hiding places. We got Cheyenne then. This sweet golden retriever slowly took over the house.  Yes, she was the house that became our home.

As the recent song says…it was the house that built us. We all grew up together in that home. The family gatherings. The surprises. The holidays. The laughter and tears are all now embedded in the walls and corners of our home. Although there are new and updated this and that in the house, the core is still that place that needed a family’s love.

And now, the kids are off on their life adventures. Cheyenne is a sweet memory. And it is time to start packing, shipping and saying good bye to a dear friend that protected us just as we protected her. We saved her and she saved us.

Is there a place that speaks to you.  A spot that knows your secrets. A hidden valley, lonely beach or mountain top that lets you be all you can be. Save that spot. It will save you back. It is ageless and timeless.


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8 Responses to The hidden place

  1. Danielle 10/31/2012 at #

    Yes!..the sea cliffs of Spain & the smell of wet dew on the grass before soccer practice…thanks for bringing me back!

    • Paul 10/31/2012 at #

      Sounds wonderful…thanks

  2. sharon 10/31/2012 at #

    I have been so fortunate…there have been many places that have spoken to me and I was able to speak back and spend time. There is a reason, and a season…knowing it and going with it, without fear or procrastination, makes the journey that much more fun.

    It is so wonderful that you are beginning a new chapter…your new walls will give you the same love and protection, that is who you all are….

    Be happy

    • Paul 10/31/2012 at #

      Thank you. The memories stay.

  3. Lindsay 10/31/2012 at #

    Memories. I have tears saying goodbye. Wingos ashes. Birthday parties. My bat mitzvah. So much.

    • Paul 10/31/2012 at #

      I know.
      Great stories. The dogs running around the pool trying to get their plastic balls…enjoy your family. Create your memories

  4. Bruce 10/31/2012 at #

    Felt the same way about moving out of the house that protected us from the wrath of Andrew. Will never forget the night K, kids, dogs and I huddled in the bathroom in the middle of the night. The house was shaking, you could hear the sounds of breaking window glass and water was pouring out of the ceiling AC ducts. For the first time in my life I didn’t know if everything would be OK. She protected us.

    • Paul 10/31/2012 at #

      Yes she did…great images…thanks

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