The house was patiently waiting once again.
It had been over a month since it was filled with us.
Like a lonely alone friend it beckoned us in.
We turned the key.
Turned the water back on.
Turned the a/c back down.
Turned the fans on.
Switched the lights on and the house became a home again and began to hum.
Life was back.
It is a sweet place.
A gentle place.
Nothing splashy. Nothing showy.
Just warm and cozy.
We stopped by our favorite ice cream shop. The owner was glad to see us.
He jumped past the counter, ran out the door and jokingly cleaned our car windows so we could see how to get to his shop easily.
Ice cream was on the house for the day we returned.
Warmth comes in all shapes and sizes.
Sometimes it is just a welcome back grin, a kind nod, a knowing wink that all says good to see you.
Greet someone today that way.
It keeps you smiling and realizing it is critical to keep it simple.
The ageless experiment.


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