The ice covered road

The holiday party was ending. We put on our heavy coats and headed toward the cars. The snow was fresh and the ground was icy and hard. The road from the mountain top retreat to the highway below was narrow and steep. Without 4 wheel drive or snow tires or chains on the tires you should not try it. About 1/2 way down the mountain we saw the stuck truck. A red pick up truck. Pretty much blocking the road. Trying to get up the mountain it was done. We got out of our car and spoke with the nervous couple in the truck. They couldn’t get up the mountain and couldn’t back down. After talking and looking at the situation a plan was devised. It took awhile but we got the truck turned around on the narrow path. But this is not about that maneuver. It is about a car coming down the mountain, stopping behind us and the driver coming over to inquire: “how much longer to get the pick up truck out of the way, we have another party to get to.”  After it was all done the car behind us drove by and I guess made their other party. I wondered about that moment later. I wondered about the people in the car that went by us. Were they the stuck ones?   We drove down the mountain.


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2 Responses to The ice covered road

  1. Bruce Langford 12/05/2016 at #

    Good observation Paul

    • Paul 12/05/2016 at #

      Thanks buddy.

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