The improbable possible

In Hour of the Wolf, I write about the meaning of a single day. One day. Nothing more. Nothing less. And I write about not filling the day up with stuff, but rather, what is the meaning of one single day. Standing all alone. An empty vessel thst you choose to live in and fill up.
Sooner or later, it will come down to that. As we see in the news, that single day can happen at any moment. The randomness of life and the intersecting moments are constant. Decisions are made that change everything for both you and those around you. One choice, by necessity, eliminates other choices. Going back is rarely an option. So there you are with your decision and the day.
This past year has been an adventure. Immersing in the day. Entering the unknown. Bravely letting go. Hopefully believing that good intentions will bring good energy and positive results.
I have always been a seeker. Wondering about the what ifs. Not settling for the routine but reaching for the improbable but possible.
Reach out. Connect. I see others now seeking the possible. Changing direction. Seeing the day itself as the gift. The journey continues.


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