The kingdom of now

As we walked the ancient kingdom of Champa outside of Hoi An, you can’t help but have a flood of mixed emotions. Beautiful, lonely, yet once grand and the center of a kingdom of great wealth and influence, you sense the frailty of life. The false sense of permanence in our existence that is anything but permanent.
There is a similarity to Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. A place frozen in time and space.
As you wander the grounds you think that we are all on a similar journey. Build, create, do, succeed, conquer, strive to win…yet in the end the grass, trees and nature take back their rightful ownership. Nature is patient.
So the lesson…be present with the ones who matter. Own your moment in time. Enjoy this slight sliver of eternity that is you in the now. That is all there is.


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