The larger story

It seems to me that it has just gotten so easy to get lost in the smallness  of things these days. With 24/7 everything and the various social medias we seem to be captivated by the little nonsense events of the day. It is truly time to call a halt to the nonsense. Can we refuse to get sucked into the  nonsense of the moment.

It is time to reimagine the larger story and our place in that grander tale. A friend recently sent me amazing pictures taken by the Hubbell telescope. Planets, galaxies, stars, suns millions of light years away. And that is only scratching the surface.

Can we just step back from the traffic jams, the latest to do lst and simply appreciate the splendor of  this moment in time…for what it is. Our small slice of eternity.

Find your larger story today.

If you like share it with us.



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