The light spot found in the heavy weight

Crossfit and the meaning of a single day. The question keeps swirling around about why this program is so intoxicating. It can’t be just the workout. Yes, it is varied, challenging, different each day, fun and exhausting at the same time  but it has to be more than that.

It comes down to a question of how we define our day. How we define our journey. Are we seeking something more out of ourselves. Questioning the choices we have made. Trying to adjust the glide path of our trip. Feeling alive. Connecting to each fiber of our being and appreciating the gift of this one day.

What is our intention each day. Seize it or be seized by it. Speak up and look forward or sit quiet and look down.

Today we bear crawled, wall balled, wall ball sit ups, squat pressed and a series of movements that woke the whole being up. Then we high fived and chatted about the effort. What I noticed was that everyone was either grinning, laughing or smiling. Maybe that is the secret…you find your light spot in the heavy weights.

And we are ageless.


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2 Responses to The light spot found in the heavy weight

  1. Karen 03/07/2013 at #

    Right now my day defines me. My definitions are defined by deadlines.

    • Paul 03/07/2013 at #

      Miss you and send you my best always. Stay in touch my dear friend

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