The meaning of our life today

The question was asked in a very matter of fact way…so, what is the meaning of life.  As we thought about it the question was adjusted…what is the meaning of your life.

The meaning of one life…one day…your life today.

Maybe, just maybe  we can say that the meaning of our life today is how we treat each other, how we interact with each other, how we help and care for each other today. The meaning of our life is how we choose to live it each day. Committed to it. Enjoying it. Loving with an open heart. Giving without expectation of a return. Accepting a gift graciously.

Maybe the meaning of our life is being all we can be right now. Being decent…not just talking about being decent.

Honorable. Noble. Romantic. Artistic.

Today, let’s agree that we will live the best qualiues of our potential.


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2 Responses to The meaning of our life today

  1. Connie 06/04/2013 at #

    Thanks for “The meaning of our (my) life today”. Totally agree with your post.
    Each day can be a most meaningful and glorious day as long as we keep
    positive and stop to enjoy the small things as well as the bigger things in life.
    My day today, I picked up three of my grandchildren (12, 9 and 4) and took
    them to their favorite place for lunch (Italian). We sat and talked; they expressed
    their thoughts and what makes them happy. We spoke of many things, but the
    most important thing of all is that I got to spend quality time with them and to know
    each of them better and vice-versa. This to me is priceless!

    • Paul 06/04/2013 at #

      You are blessed…hope to see you and your fiends next week.

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