Sweat Knows No Age

The morning ritual.

For us it is 6:30 am.

Workout clothes on.

First cup of coffee done.

Water bottle filled.

Johnny Cash on the radio….the Man In Black.

Crossfit is waiting.

An hour later, the sweat covers every section of our clothes.

The water bottle is drained.

You look like you just stepped out of a long hot shower.

The day is now ready to be met.

A few high fives. A few more fist pumps and a thank you for another great way to start the day.

Feeling alive.

Working out to failure is the goal.

It was a success today.

The sweat knows no age.

Even your body knows no age.

It is all in your head.

Get out of your own way.

The ageless experiment.


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4 Responses to Sweat Knows No Age

  1. Sarge 07/06/2012 at #

    Welcome back my manimals

    • Paul 07/06/2012 at #

      It is great to work out with the athletes at Crossfit Longmont! With each lift or squat or wall ball we get stronger and remain ageless. Share your Crossfit experiences.

  2. Heather 08/24/2012 at #

    I read your blog everyday and the only big thing I do not do is excercise—-I know you talk about it and I need to do it—-I need to start walking—-everything you write about is logic –and it helps me in all ways—but I must add walking to my list—-

    • Paul 08/24/2012 at #

      Follow the butterfly effect concept. Just start small and each day or week add a little bit more. Just start a walk around the block. Then the next day do a block and a few more steps. And so on…in a few weeks you will be walking around all of town. The butterfly effect…small changes over time make a big difference…enjoy and thanks for you comments.

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