Acknowledge Your Fellow Travelers

The motorcycles turned off route 287 just outside of Longmont and headed up to Carter Lake.

It was a winding road that passed ranches, acres of empty land and massive, out of a movie, horse farms.

Then at the top is Carter Lake.

Sail boats dot the water.

The mountain peaks rise above the lake.

It is surreal.

It is simply beautiful.

Folks were walking in and out of the marina store and there was a bar down the end of the road.

We wandered aimlessly.

Then headed on back through Longmont on the way back to Niwot.

I didn’t see anyone on an iPhone.

Or blackberry.

Or ignoring other people on an elevator because they were scrolling down the latest unimportant email.

When did self importance becomes so prevalent.

When did ignoring others become acceptable behavior.

When did reaching out and having an honest exchange become an oddity.

When did ransoming our time for money become so ordinary.

Yet today on a motorcycle circling Carter Lake, time was not ransomed.

It was enjoyed.

Connecting with others was important and not odd at all.

Next time you are on the elevator, greet the others. Acknowledge the fellow travelers.

Everyone is just trying to figure it out.

Can you connect with you.

The ageless experiment.


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