The night was still. The room was as quiet as quiet could get. The lights were low. The sage incense was burning. The smoke filled the room with an aroma of peace. The feeling was surreal. Was it real or all an illusion.
She looked like the young woman …really a girl.. from a bygone time.
I touched her arm and it triggered the journey back. Back through the years. Back through the ages, birthdays and anniversaries.
It took me back to the moment we met.
The first hello. The first recognition. The first introduction. And yet we knew. We sensed the essence right there. We sensed this was it.
Oh, time has its way with all of us but not her. Not that look. Not that moment. Even today I still recall it like it was just a moment ago..
It was just nice. Nice seems to get a bad rap these days. Words and phrases have become grander in scale…super or spectacular or major or…fill in the blank.
Nice still wins out for me.
The aroma fills my lungs. My eyes close. I hold her hand. Nice.


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