The now has arrived

I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t stop smiling. The packing was done. The movers had moved. The flight to and from was over.  And here we were…thanksgiving at Crossfit . The sweat was pouring down. What exactly is 57 jumping rope times 5 plus everything else. It felt so good to get the stress and strain of the last month cleansed away with good old fashion exercise. That is the beauty of the effort. You just feel released when you know you pulled your way through it. It is so easy to get stuck. There is some comfort in being frozen in place. But we weren’t meant for that. We were built for change and adaption.

Change and adaption. Maybe that is the motto for the new year soon approaching. Not to fear change. Being able to adapt. Letting go and knowing it is still you. But only released from the false sense of control. We have no control really. So it is acknowledging that that sets us free.

After all is said and done, what is freedom. So often we see everyone holding on to the old when the old no longer works. It feels safe but it is not. It is holding on  to what was. Life must be lived in the what is. So I smiled at the letting go. The now is here.

The ageless experiment.


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2 Responses to The now has arrived

  1. Chequita 11/28/2012 at #

    Now…. Time….

    • Paul 11/28/2012 at #

      Live in the now!

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