The power of the possible

The power of the possible.

As the day winds down I couldn’t help but think about all the “no” I heard in conversations. You know that conversation..don’t try it or it will never work..or they will say no so why even ask….well you get the idea. But ,also I saw some great positive moments , where the power of  the possible was so present and there.

It was at a Crossfit moment again as I finished a 5k run. It  was hot, I was done but I remembered what the coach said when I took off….he simply said…yes!  As I came back to the box , the coach was standing there and simply  again…pumped his fist in the air and said …yes! How often have we just needed to hear…yes.

Can we live in the world of the possible. You will find it can be contagious , not only for you but those around you. You see things differently. You feel lighter. You feel hopeful. You want it all to work, as opposed to fearing the worst. You look for the possible.

Everyone is seeking the moment where someone smiles and says . …I knew you could do it.. Or maybe you just hear that inner voice . You grin and agree that it is time to invite the    Possible  into your life.


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2 Responses to The power of the possible

  1. paula 01/29/2013 at #

    Hi Paul,

    I have been reading your blog at a time in life where I am really looking for the possible when i was feeling like everything feels so impossible!

    Its been very helpful…thanks Paul!

    Much love to you and Marjorie.


    • Paul 01/30/2013 at #

      Paula, I only wish you peace on this journey. Seek the light and the possible in all things..keep in touch with us…love back

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