Maybe That is Why I Love the Rain

The rain came down in buckets.
It was exquisite.
The sky just opened up and sheets of water kept falling.
The ground got super soaked.
The pool became an eternity pool.
The flowers turned their brightest colors.
And then, suddenly, it stopped.
The sky became empty of rain.
Do you remember the first heavy rain.
I remember one rain in particular.
It was a long time ago.
The kids in the neighborhood were outside playing stick ball.
The rain divided the street.
It literally rained only on half one side of the street and the other half side was sunny.
We laughed and ran back and forth from side to side.
Time stood still that day as nature played out this hat trick.
We were in awe of the moment.
Maybe that is why I love the rain.
It brings me back to a moment such as stick ball on a rain divided street.
Or running with your friends for shelter at the park.
Wearing galoshes. Remember those. A true fashion statement.
Rain reminds me of innocence.
A stick ball game on a half rainy street in a timeless land.
Remember the rainy moments in your life.
Those moments permit you to grow.
Your colors get brighter.
Your laughter louder.
And you always know that the sun is waiting to reveal itself.
Take in the lesson of the rain.
Smile…even if your face is covered in rain.
It is all a gift.
The ageless experiment.


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