The randomness of it all

You can plan everything. You can truly believe that you are in control. You schedule everything down to the minute. Finish work by 6. Have dinner by 7:30. Chat with friends and go over the agenda for the next day.

You feel secure in how organized you are. But life has a way of throwing curves and lives so often collide without any rhyme or reason.  That is the feeling after the latest shooting tragedy. Just going to a movie with friends or family and forces cross paths and time stops and what was to be is never  to happen.

What is the value of a day. What is the worth of one more moment spent just being with your best friend.  Each day has meaning. Each day is the only day. Fill the day with meaning.  Be with those who matter. Be the positive in the day. The only true currency is time.

Spent it wisely.


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