The ride over the bridge was windy. The seagulls glided past us as the motorcycles swayed a bit here and there crossing the expansion bridge over the Gulf of Mexico. It was her first time taking her bike off the island and she was handling the moment in grand style.
The sun was strong, the wind was brisk, the water was blue and the moment was precious. But I looked out over the Gulf.
As the Triumph headed past the toll booth that marked the entrance and exit to our island home, my mind raced to the oil spill, the hubris, the danger to the beaches, the wildlife, our life and our fears for all of it.
There was a quiet ill ease on the island as the oil kept at it and man vs nature, as usual, was no contest.
After the ride I walked the pristine beach. Looking out on to the Gulf, watching the waves, the birds, the shells, the swimmers, the dolphin in the distance, I prayed..
We never seem to learn. Our attention span in so short. Our wish list is so long.
I keep thinking about the Eagles' Hotel California. Is this heaven or hell. We choose. We always choose, whether we know it or not..
We make decisions. We makes choices and then we arrive at the hotel.
We can check out but still can not avoid the consequences of our choices..
I stood on the beach for so long. I did not want to leave. It is beautiful. I do not want to ever say that it was beautiful.


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