The rope climb

I remember being in gym class in school…the early years. The challenge was the rope climb. Climb that rope, touch the ceiling, get back down. Try not to get rope burns. No one wore gloves then so you always “burned” your hands on the rope sooner or later. It was such a test of wills.

When I arrived at Crossfit, the ropes were there..waiting. I had climbed them before but it just seems to be getting tougher. But not this time. As I climbed it, I saw the ceiling approaching. I touched it and came back down. Wearing gloves, the hands were fine, but every other part of me was sore.

It brought me back to school gym class.  It reminded me of the need to recapture the fun in the challenge. Fun. Sometimes I think it is a lost art. Just having fun throughout the day. Finding the joy in your daily “rope climb”.  Making the effort not only to meet the challenges but enjoying them too. So today, make a commitment to yourself…have fun. See the rope and just go for it.



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4 Responses to The rope climb

  1. Glen 01/23/2013 at #

    Paul — You are becoming an expert at using CrossFit as a metaphor for life. I see a book in the making…

    • Paul 01/23/2013 at #

      Isn’t it though!? Thanks.

    • Harvey Langberg 01/23/2013 at #

      ‘Positive thinking’ can trump negative vibes. That’s why I enjoyed viewing the movie “Silver Lining Playbook.” Having fun with life sure beats obsession with the small stuff. I am off to ‘Carter Lake’ on a a 45 mi. road bike ride through farm country with a good friend. He sets the pace and, I go for the rope. Harvey

      • Paul 01/23/2013 at #

        So true…have fun!

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