The search

We are constantly on the search for the meaning of our time here.  Whether you realize it or not. That is always the undercurrent of all you do. The why. The how come. The search. The meaning. The purpose. The legacy. The impact. The comfort in knowing you meant something positive to someone. That you helped. You solved a problem. You mattered.  You loved. You were passionate about someone or something. In this split second of eternity where you travel you seek a reason. You need to go inside and uncover it. It is not out there. It is always an inside job.  If you don’t at least search the hour of the wolf awaits you.


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2 Responses to The search

  1. Bruce Langford 04/11/2017 at #

    I’m not sure if one “searches” for meaning. To me searching implies that life’s meaning is inherent and one simply must discover it.

    Perhaps life’s meaning isn’t inherent and cannot be “found”. Rather it is created and unique to you. Maybe meaning is the direct result of making meaningful decisions and taking personal responsibility for the outcomes.

    I think Stephen Covey’s suggestion to write your obituary and then work backwards to create the reality is a good way to define your life’s meaning.

    • Paul Lipton 04/18/2017 at #

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

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