The small moments that define a day

You couldn’t help but cry. It was painful to watch yet you couldn’t look away. A father talking about his beautiful child shot down. The pain and loss was jolting to your mind, spirit and soul. He spoke of the “little things”. The morning ritual of breakfast. The hug and gentle pat on the back. What is precious to you? What keeps the smile on your face? What brings a tear to your eye or a lump in your throat? It is the small moments. The moments that stay with you are the ones we so often don’t even consider because they are so part of our daily route. Yet it is that very truth that stays with us.

Today, as you go through your rituals and routines take a moment to appreciate the people that are part of those moments. The early morning hug. The pouring of some coffee and sharing the quiet moment with your best friend. Your sweet child. Your significant other. Try to connect with the quiet moments in your day. Those moments that don’t seem “big” at the time are the ones that will stay with you.

Those moments are timeless and ageless.


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3 Responses to The small moments that define a day

  1. Danielle Mastrogiovanni 03/04/2013 at #

    We learned about this today in a workshop called, Spirit of the Herbs. These moments of appreciation and gratitude are essential for the health of your Lungs. They keep them moist and full of vitality with Qi and oxygen. Breath and gratitude, two of the greatest gifts we could ever give and receive. How rich!

    • Paul 03/04/2013 at #


  2. Bruce 03/04/2013 at #

    Good thoughts.
    Being fully consciousness does require intention.

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