The trapeze bar

We finished the 21-15-9 workout. Naturally, that was after the warmup and the strength set and before the post 100 sit ups.  As we headed out of the Crossfit box I saw the smiles on the athletes faces and the upbeat chatter. The music was still pounding in the background.

What are you doing with the gift you were given?  The gift of this moment in time. Are you still striving? Are you still in the mix of the day? Are you still trying to make the day meaningful for you and those who matter to you?

I see so many shadow people. Those that live and move in the shadows of life. Playing it so safe that it is as if they are not playing at all.  What is anti-aging? What is ageless living?  It is committing to your life…full tilt. Engaged in your moment. It is not feeling as if it doesn’t matter anymore because of some number on the calendar. You matter.

Be an artist in your life. Get on the rings, the trapeze bar and go for that moment that  says you are risking the fall.  Don’t live in the shadows. Step out into your day.

The ageless day of the ageless experiment.


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4 Responses to The trapeze bar

  1. Lindsay 03/09/2013 at #

    Those who choose to trap themselves within the confines of the shadows of life are those who fear failure!! It is a fear of not being accepted by others….of the inability to be perceived as an acceptable individual, someone who possesses the cognizance of the darkness….the shackles that restrain the soul from taking a flying leap into change…into the unknown….into the prism of lights….only the brave decipher the enigma and dive into life!!

    • Paul 03/09/2013 at #

      Wise words. You know the adventure that life can be

  2. Connie 03/09/2013 at #

    I read this entry before heading to the golf range this morning. And, believe it or not, it serves a purpose out there, too. It’s the same principle: You have to commit to your shot and follow through. You can’t overthink. You can’t change your mind mid-shot. Commit. Engage. Full Tilt.

    I think that’s why I keep going back. If forces me to engage. To tell myself: Don’t overthink. Commit, Engage, Full tilt. String those actions along and the results are beautiful — regardless of age or what you are doing.

    • Paul 03/09/2013 at #

      So true.

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