The way we still are

We sat having our semi regular lunch.  Aren’t good friendships the best.  Easy. Simple.Relaxed. Open. Supporting. Fun.  Honest. Respectful and caring.

After lunch we strolled over for our Starbucks drink. We sat and the conversation made its way to the great song…The Way We Were. The way we were. Well it got me thinking about the way we are and can we hold on to all of us. All parts of us. The innocent child inside. The gawky preteen,  the adventurous teenager, the starry eyed dreamer of what was to be, the new opportunity, the disappointment and the moment of clarity.

The way we are. Find all of yourself. Even the parts you think you left behind. You didn’t. Those parts are still waiting to be released from some long sleep. Wouldn’t it be great to find all your angles, shades, and  dimensions.

We clicked cups, laughed at the way we were and still are and promised to make this semi regular lunch more semi regular.

The ageless experiment.


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2 Responses to The way we still are

  1. Rosie 10/20/2012 at #

    And Gonna Fly Now!!

    • Paul 10/21/2012 at #

      You bet! At any age it is time to fly.

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