Those who make it better

Over the last year, I lost two dear friends. One by illness and one through a tragic accident. As I reflect on both friends, I think about what made them special.
They were both comfortable in their own skin. They loved to help. They wanted to hear all the news from their friends. With the good news they cheered. With the sad news they wanted to know how they could help. They listened. They didn’t judge. They were sincere. They were whole people…not hiding from life.
They sought solutions. They never caused a problem. Arthur and Michael made me feel better about my chances to figure any problem out.
They are the ones who you wanted to get together with because you knew the meeting would be filled with substance and challenge you to get to the real answers needed to take the next step.
I am blessed to have had them in my life. They made me better. They made me smile and laugh at each moment in life…good or bad. They made the difficult look easy. I hope that you have someone like Arthur and Michael in your life. If you do, cherish the relationship.


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  1. sharon marks 02/16/2014 at #

    Sweet memories. .. smiles

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