We are only promised today. And even then it can be just part of today.That's it. Nothing more. Everything else is an illusion, a wish, a hope and a prayer. In this world it is just today. It has been said that another word for today is eternity.
It could very well be that our entire life is just one day.A single day. How would you choose to live that single day.One day.What do you want to be in that single day.Would you hold back. Keep secrets.Be anything less than complete and true to yourself.
It always puzzles me how when someone dies you start learning things about them you never knew. Maybe not secrets but things they simply chose not to share. But why.What did it accomplish. Don't be a secret to the ones that matter to you. Don't carry it inside alone. Whether a family secret or a personal failing, don't let it thrive in the dark places inside. Shed light on it and the light dissolves it. You can then enjoy your one special day you have been given Truly, an ageless experiment.


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