Use It Up

We stood there exhausted from the Crossfit work out of the day.

Dead lifts, box jumps, ring dips over and over as the clock ticked down from 25 minutes to 0.

Afterward we sat around talking about why.

Why push. Why extreme. Why now.

The conversation turned to optimism and pessimism.

It turned to always striving to get to the next level no matter the day, time or age or giving in to the naysayers that stop for some excuse like….at your age…or you’ll hurt yourself…or don’t have the time.

Well we feel ageless. Doing nothing is more hurtful than always trying.

And time….well, time is the unknown factor here. How much quality time is there really.

Use it. Exhaust it.

Be used up.

Go for it.

Why not.

The ageless experiment.


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