What is extraordinary.

Sometimes that word is misused.

Yesterday we took the Triumph and the Harley out for a ride.

Visited a friend.

Wandered the side roads of town.

Those in cars are truly oblivious to the subtle moments in a ride.

They are on iPhones or changing the channel on the radio or chattering away and never see the changing colors in the sky as the clouds go by or the child holding her dad’s hand before crossing the street or the dog, with the saddest eyes trying to figure out a way home.

We headed to the beach and stopped for some great Greek food, walked the boardwalk in Hollywood beach and then stopped for a glass of wine before saddling up to head north before heading south.

What is extraordinary.

Appreciating the life you have been gifted with.

Your life is extraordinary.

As I sit here this morning I hear the ceiling fan, see the prayer flags, smell the scented candle that is flickering in the dining room, see the sunlight slowly changing the dark green colors of the plants to light green as it moves across the yard, and hear the birds singing away.


The ageless experiment.


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