What would you fight for….

What would you fight for? What would you sacrifice for? What would you give it up for?  Who would you stand with? Who would you protect? Who would you put it on the line for? Although you may think these are merely rhetorical question, I submit they are not rhetorical at all. Each day we choose. Each day we decide.  We are the sum of our choices.

In the limited time we have, we must consider these questions. I heard of her death today. It was a horrible accident. It didn’t have to happen. Yet tomorrow we go to say our respects and give whatever support we can. But  since we all face these moments, we must decide , each day, what we fight for. Sacrifice for. Give it up for. Stand with. Protect. Put it on the line for.

It has to be the larger story. It has to be bigger than a single story. Find the connecting tissue that connects us. Think bigger. Live larger than you are now. Live loud. Speak your truth. On your last day, be proud of who you fought for. What you fought for.  Live a day that has meaning.  Meaning is ageless.


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4 Responses to What would you fight for….

  1. Harvey Langberg 11/24/2012 at #

    Thanks, Paul. Motivating thoughts.

    • Paul 11/24/2012 at #

      Thank you….loved your UFOs!

  2. Chequita 11/28/2012 at #

    Sometimes fighting may just be, being soft, quiet, yet knowing the seed you lantern may not be realized until later when one has gained strength from another, parents or friends. Growth is important as the battle.

    • Paul 11/28/2012 at #

      You are so right!

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