When did smallness become the rage. When did petty become the standard bearer. The disagreements just rage on and on…as if it matters. It truly doesn't. What is the end game to that game. What is the final stroke on that canvas. What does your reactions to small and petty say about your journey. Don't go there. Rise above it. See the grand, absurd paradox to it all. Don't you see….
Success. Failure. Both illusions. Up. Down. Irrelevant. The key is balance whether in success or failure or going up or heading down.
Ask a dozen people to define success or failure. The ultimate parlor game. Then sit back and take it in.
With the final wave of your hand, define success. Define failure. You won't find either in the small or petty.
You may just find it in the faces of your children. Or in how your children look at you That moment says it all.
Recapture that look. Recapture the stare of a child who gets all excited only because you walked in the room.
Simple,isn't it. Define success now.
An ageless experiment.


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