Wisdom. What is it. Where do you find it. How do you acquire it.
In the world where no one seems to want to age it is getting tougher to find since no one wants to appear to have lived long enough to learn the lessons that permit us to grow, see the subtle in life, see the shades of life, permit us to yield to life when inexperience would tell us to press forward.
The elders should be sought out. The elders should be placed on the boards and committees. The elders should be heard.
I once heard an elder say…"listen to me please….don't you understand, I'm too old to lie or mislead you."
There is no percentage in having some false agenda.
Wisdom may very well be having the ability to seek out the elders.
Next family gathering, take out the video camera and sit with the eldest in the group….maybe you….and begin to talk about life, lessons and adventures…truthfully. Let the young ones ask questions about "what was it like…where did we come from…what does it mean…who was our grandparents or great grandpatrents,really…"and on and on
Before it is too late, reach out and access the library that is inside each elder. There is a book there titled….wisdom.


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