You can only leave one thing behind. One item. That's it. Not a collection of things. Not a dresser draw full of things. Just one sole,single thing that would say it all about who you were and what you stood for. What it all meant to you. One thing.
You walk through your life. You wander through the house. The office. The garage. One thing. When someone looks at it they say well of course that makes perfect sense.
What is it. In your life. Everything else melts away. Everything else vanishes. Everything else is tossed aside and there it is….the one final representation of what, who, why, when and how you were.
Unclutter your life and distill it down to the essentials and then finally the one essential.
It stands after you are gone. Someone looks at it, smiles, nods knowingly and says…perfect. An ageless experiment.


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