The majesty of the subtle

What stays with you? What lingers with you? What causes you to pause and reflect?  What stops you in your tracks?   For me, it is rarely things. It usually is some observation. Some passing image. Some subtle movement.  It is the space between the words. The silence in the midst of noise. The look down or away.

So often the noisy crowd out the important. The brash push side the tender moment. But I have to believe that in the quiet moments it is the rays of light coming through the breaks in the leaves of a tree that captures me more than a shiny new gadget.

Maybe that is why great photography makes me stop and smile. It captures the moment of the moment. The turn of a hand. The foot in mid step. The almost touching of hands.  Or you can look at the photo in the ageless experiment. That is me in the middle of the Everglades facing a lone tree. It is one person confronting the beauty and majesty of the unknown. The improbable. The idea of the possible. That we can survive in the most far away places. That we can make it. That tree is alone and majestic. Quiet yet tells an amazing story of survival. Beautiful without any bells or whistles.

Subtle , silent and mesmerizing. And ageless.



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4 Responses to The majesty of the subtle

  1. Danielle 11/28/2012 at #

    Love, random acts of kindness & Mother Nature

    • Paul 11/28/2012 at #

      I know you do. Thanks

  2. Lisa 11/28/2012 at #

    That’s why photography makes me smile too 🙂

    • Paul 11/28/2012 at #

      And you are so great at it!

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