Pushing past the ordinary

As we finished the Sunday Crossfit , which included 90 wall ball shots along with bench presses, clean and jerks, handstand holds and a bunch of other exercises, I wondered why we do it…especially on a Sunday morning. Then I realized why.


Passion for the day. Passion for our journey each day. Passion for the moment. Passion for the possible.

Too often I have seen others look elsewhere for passion.  They seek passion that others can bring to their lives. But passion is an inside job. We bring passion into our own life. No one else can do that. So we push ourselves. We challenge ourselves. We stretch the possible. We reach for more of us. We don’t settle for the safe. We can rest when it is all done…but not while we are experiencing the one life we have been given.

So today…live each moment with the passion of you at full speed. Passion …what a great concept. Push past the ordinary. Push into your zone of extraordinary. Live with passion.


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2 Responses to Pushing past the ordinary

  1. Danielle 11/28/2012 at #

    Passion is one of my favs. It is also a beautiful way of being if you allow it in your life. I am passion! I couldn’t imagine life without it…

    • Paul 11/28/2012 at #

      Passion is such a great quality

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