Swimming in change

I was standing in line at a Starbucks in Valdosta,Georgia. Some times comments just hit you in the most unexpected places. The lady in front of me was ordering her coffee and the girl behind the counter said that she hadn’t seen her for a while. She asked where she had been and what’s up.

The customer in front of me laughed and said ” I am swimming in change”. She took her coffee, paid and left. Swimming in change. What a wonderful way to see it all. Not fighting change. Not ignoring change. Not denying change. Swimming in change. Being immersed in the dance of life with all the movements, currents, twists and turns of the river of life.

As I took my drink and left I laughed about that comment. Don’t fight it. You will lose. Don’t deny it. That doesn’t help. But can you swim in it. Go with it. Enjoy it. In the end, when you look back over your life, you will see the ebb and flow. The high water marks and the shallow areas where you were grounded. But there must be forward movement.

So why not swim in the change. You learn things at the most unexpected moments in the day.


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6 Responses to Swimming in change

  1. Lindsay 09/30/2012 at #

    Love this one. I need to remember this.

    • Paul 09/30/2012 at #

      I have to remind myself too. Just swim in the change

  2. Karen 09/30/2012 at #

    I like it too. Right up there with It’s All Good.

    • Paul 09/30/2012 at #

      ;-). It is amazing the power of going with the change.

  3. Bruce 10/01/2012 at #

    Paul, you have a gift for hearing what others don’t.

    Swimming in change – interesting metaphor indeed.

    Many don’t know how to swim and are frightened to go near the water. Confidence precedes competence. Once you learn to swim, then it really doesn’t matter if the water is 5 feet deep or 5 miles deep does it?


    • Paul 10/01/2012 at #

      Thank you my friend. I so treasure our friendship as we swim along!

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