The unknown possibility

Embracing the unknown.  If you keep doing the same thing you probably are going to get the same result.  Maybe not, but the odds are good that same equals same. Yet, if you decide to release the same and walk toward the unknown, the possibilities are multiplied that  an adventure awaits you.

There is a fine line between security and being stuck.  Between playing it safe and losing your way. Don’t fear the unknown. That is where your tomorrow may reside.

The unknown is where we came from. The unknown is where the road ends. In the middle  we seem to fret about it. What would happen if you embrace it though. How would your view of the day change if the unknown was no longer a stranger to you. Your best friend, your new opportunity, your most significant other is waiting for you, right around the corner, in the world of the unknown. I like that idea.

Let me know what you think about embracing the unknown and how you have done it yourself.


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12 Responses to The unknown possibility

  1. Howard 09/13/2012 at #

    I have observed as we age we tend to see things two dimensional. It has nothing to do with eyesight but all to do with mindsight. We get in a routine and comfortable. It’s not fear of the unknown but the waning desire to deal with change. They have limited their mindsight. Embrace change, embrace the unknown and grow younger stay sharp and live your adventure. You will feel happy and alive.

    • Paul 09/13/2012 at #

      Indeed….feeling alive means still seeking. Embrace your day.

  2. Karen 09/13/2012 at #

    I embrace the unknown by trying to think outside the box and go for it. It excites me just wondering if it will work.

    • Paul 09/13/2012 at #

      What a wonderful way to embrace the day.

  3. Harvey Langberg 09/13/2012 at #

    Good morning Paul.

    I still don’t like ‘snakes.’ Some unknowns should remain unknown.

    • Paul 09/13/2012 at #

      What about lions, tigers and bears?

  4. Lisa 09/13/2012 at #

    Oh my!!

    • Paul 09/13/2012 at #

      Just follow the yellow brick road and we should be fine! Oh my indeed….

  5. Connie 09/13/2012 at #

    I’ve learned that the choice that makes me a little more nervous or more vulnerable because it is less familiar and more unknown is usually the right one for me. Not the easiest, but so far it has always been the most rewarding.

    • Paul 09/13/2012 at #

      Thank you, Connie. Usually, never the easiest, but I agree it can be the most rewarding. Again, thank you. I know others feel the same way.

  6. Chequita 09/21/2012 at #

    Learning and experiencing the unknown, the new is definitely exciting lately!

    • Paul 09/21/2012 at #

      You are immersed in the new right now. Smile and look forward.

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