Sooner or later

Sooner or later. Mostly later it seems. We wake up to the reality that the sands are slipping from one side of the hour glass to the other and …. The hour glass can’t be turned over to start again. Sooner or later…usually later we open our eyes to the unbending truth that we are beings  traveling through the medium of time. It provides the window into the universe we move within. And then when it is almost over we awake and seek more. Pray for more. Yearn for more.  So what to do? Appreciate. Realize you are living in a state of grace and time is the treasure. It was with you your entire life as you searched for other things.  The ultimate paradox.


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4 Responses to Sooner or later

  1. HEATHER 01/18/2017 at #

    Paul It is so true—-I started going to the gym again—–it makes me feel good—- Thanks to you daily blogs I am becoming a more productive person Heather

    • Paul 01/18/2017 at #

      Great! Thanks.

  2. Sue Davidson 01/18/2017 at #

    I love that analogy of sand slipping through the hour glass. I feel the same way so much of the time. I identify with Erik Erikson’s 8 stage -Generativity vs. stagnation stage and a bit of the Integrity vs. despair. At times I feel like those sands are going too quickly and I want to teach my grandchildren so much and create lifetime memories. But what the heck? How come this time is flowing faster than it did a couple of decades ago, right? You’re right sometimes we just need to step back and be appreciative and graceful. Thanks, Paul.

    • Paul 01/18/2017 at #

      Thank you. It is the ultimate paradox of it all. Appreciate what is and enjoy your family and friends. Best.

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