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And in conclusion

I have been writing The Ageless Experiment for years now.  I have tried to express the concept that time is the ultimate asset. A gift. We are a fragile player in this cosmic story. So… use your finite time here to be kind, give yourself and each other a break from our human frailties. Laugh […]

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In about a month it will be 2 years since my quintuple bypass open heart surgery. I was talking to a friend about that and he said…where does time go! Exactly.  Where does time go?!  Then again we can say that about anything in our lives.  You sit with a friend and talk about events […]

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The journey

And so today another journey ended for a friend. All the fretting ,worrying, struggling to get it just right came to an end. The lesson? Hour of the Wolf. You have today. This moment. Live it. Love it. Be present. I always say to reach out to a friend.  Well what are you waiting for. […]

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The new year

Really make it different this year.  Dance more.  With or without a partner.  Take off the blinders.  See the whole picture.  Listen to more music.  Fill your home with music. Take long walks  and see the nature all around you. Nature doesn’t try hard.  Nature just is.  Be natural.  Be kinder.  See the humor in […]

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Breathing life in

If we were to use a different word would it change the way we live our life?  One word.  The ultimate change. Instead of saying breath …change it to …life   Since breath is life.  Since we can not live without breath let’s call it by its right name. Each moment. Each breath.  Beautiful life. […]

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A once in a lifetime life

A once in a lifetime life.  Did you forget that? Overlook it? Not consider it? But here it is.  Right in front of you.  These words.  This truth.  This reality.  This is your once in a lifetime life. So get on with it.  Make it happen. See those who matter to you. Be in the […]

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Life surprises you.

Life surprises you  But… for Life to surprise you you must be open to life.  You must fearlessly face life. You must live with courage and remember that the time is finite so there is no time to waste in opening your heart and soul to life.  Be surprised.

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Don’t do it alone

In this holiday season if and when you feel down or dejected, don’t face it alone.  Reach out.  Get outside. Take a walk downtown and embrace the holiday lights.  Look up. Look out.  See the magic in the singular moment.  Your moment.  Your life here. For those reading this now, know you matter. Thank you […]

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The holidays

If you think about it, the holidays give you the gift of family, friends, sharing and acts of kindness. Then the question is joined….why can’t you treat each day like a holiday because ….each day is!  It is the first and last of its kind.  So celebrate your life on each unique day. Why save […]

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Be here now.

You look up at the mountain. You look out over the sea. You gaze as the sun is rising or setting.  Then it finally hits you… the mountain, the sea, the sunrise and sunset need no explanation. They need no help in getting their point across. They simply are perfect just as they are. And […]

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