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Legacy and meaning

What is our legacy. What is our meaning. To some extent it is told long after we are gone. We live our life. As we live it we write our meaning. Each day our actions create our legacy. Why does it matter? I guess the issue is what do we do with our time. Is […]

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The effort

Crossfit has been part of my life now for quite a while. It has challenged me, pushed me, tested me and kept me healthy and health conscious. After my heart surgery I knew it would be some time to get back to the effort. Slowly that happened. But on this day it was a full […]

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What would your life be like if it was a poem? After all, it is. Do you see life as the romance it can be? Romance. Passion. Spirit. Light. Darkness. Life. Death. Reaching for the stars. Drowning in self pity. Poetry. Today, don’t live in the rut. Don’t live in the dull. Live in the […]

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The uneven road

The uneven road. It is always there. Life is this uneven road. That is just the nature of the road we travel. Don’t expect a smooth path. Recognize it is uneven for all. Acceptance then permits you to look up, look out and move forward. And time keeps ticking. And the road seems unforgiving at […]

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The best thing

The best thing. Of all the things in life what is or are the best things. As time flies by and as events change plans and dreams are realized or shattered what is the best thing. I always go back to the simple moments in life. Your child’s smile or laugh. Your lover’s look. The […]

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A choice

There is always this choice. Every moment of every day the choices are there. Kindness or harshness. Bravery or fear. Courage or hiding. Decency or greed. Love or not. The choices go on and on. Every moment of every moment. And each choice defines us. Each decision writes the story of our life. Each choice […]

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He looked at me and said he just saw things differently than others did. I asked him how. He said he just did. He said he saw a bigger picture. He saw a larger story. He saw the beauty in the ordinary. He said he even “felt” time. I inquired as to “felt” meaning what. […]

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The destination

The journey. The destination. They are one and the same. How you live your life each day, how you treat people, the choices you make, the people you help, the kindnesses you share, the smiles you bring to others, the passion with which you experience life…it all is part of the journey, which is the […]

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