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A journey to the land of anti-aging

The drive across the country was another adventure. From Delray to Jacksonvilke to Chattanooga to St Louis to Salina to Niwot. The days were filled with the sights and sounds of America. It was also filled with talking about this chapter in our life. What is this all about? Why pull up the tent poles, […]

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Cracking the riddle

You have to decide. There is that moment when waiting is no longer an option. But when exactly is that moment?  That moment of decision. The sweet spot.  Only in hindsight does it really make sense. But we don’t live backwards. We live in real time..deciding  without knowing how it will play out or how […]

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Watching over the one who matters

The song came on the radio…Someone to Watch Over Me…Linda Ronstadt version. Yes, her voice is amazing. Yes, her phrasing is perfect. Although the song was written in the 1920s, it is one of those ageless and timeless songs. It is as moving today as it was in any other time. Maybe even more so […]

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A new history

Future history. It is not an oxymoron. We are creating our history by how we choose, decide and live each unfolding day. Our history, our legacy does not happen by itself. Nor can we simply wish or dream it to be something. It is the culmination of the life as we are living it. So […]

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The wonder

Accepting the uniqueness of each other. Wouldn’t that be refreshing. Too often some just can’t do that and they become some sort of self appointed critic or hall monitor. Never understood that at all. Wouldn’t it be nice to just relax and appreciate the qualities that separate us as opposed to judge those qualities. Today, […]

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The one who reveals

One. After all is said and done, it comes back to one. We can’t wait for others to try to solve the riddle. We can’t wait for someone else to provide the solution. It is time for you. Your time has arrived. Forget the age of the birthday. Ignore the calendar. Totally irrelevant. It is […]

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The push to be there

We just pushed ourselves. We simply kept at it. Afterward we met a dear friend for a drink and dinner. We shared stories, good wishes, heart felt thanks for being there for each other and gratitude. We knew each others highs , lows, missteps and grand moments and took it all in. The pushing and […]

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A red mustang and a summer night

It was a red mustang. I think it was 1964. It was my first car. I drove it to Penn State in my sophomore year. It was a stick. It was a convertible . It was heaven. I saw it today on a street in Delray. I know it wasn’t mine but there it was. […]

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Feel the day

The Crossfit workout was intense. That is the way it was built to be. Afterward, we sat having some green tea and reflecting on the morning adventure. It is not complicated really. We just want to feel the day. Feel the exhaustion. Feel that drain and then  feel the rebirth of energy. The key word […]

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A wish for the day

It seems so simple. It is moments like this you wonder how we made it so complicated. It just doesn’t have to be difficult. I am sitting here, coffee in hand, looking out at the ocean as the new day begins.  Nothing complicated about it. Yet it provides everything that one can want or need. […]

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