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Breathing life in

If we were to use a different word would it change the way we live our life?  One word.  The ultimate change. Instead of saying breath …change it to …life   Since breath is life.  Since we can not live without breath let’s call it by its right name. Each moment. Each breath.  Beautiful life. […]

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A once in a lifetime life

A once in a lifetime life.  Did you forget that? Overlook it? Not consider it? But here it is.  Right in front of you.  These words.  This truth.  This reality.  This is your once in a lifetime life. So get on with it.  Make it happen. See those who matter to you. Be in the […]

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Life surprises you.

Life surprises you  But… for Life to surprise you you must be open to life.  You must fearlessly face life. You must live with courage and remember that the time is finite so there is no time to waste in opening your heart and soul to life.  Be surprised.

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Don’t do it alone

In this holiday season if and when you feel down or dejected, don’t face it alone.  Reach out.  Get outside. Take a walk downtown and embrace the holiday lights.  Look up. Look out.  See the magic in the singular moment.  Your moment.  Your life here. For those reading this now, know you matter. Thank you […]

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