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Swimming in change

I was standing in line at a Starbucks in Valdosta,Georgia. Some times comments just hit you in the most unexpected places. The lady in front of me was ordering her coffee and the girl behind the counter said that she hadn’t seen her for a while. She asked where she had been and what’s up. […]

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A drive through America

We have been on the road for three days now.  Left Niwot and headed to Lawrence,Kansas. Then over to Clarksville, Tennessee and across to Valdosta , Georgia . Tomorrow we arrive in Miami, Florida. It is a little over 2,000 miles. What is so interesting about it was  how we just became part of the […]

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Letting go and finding the sweet spot

What matters. What has meaning. What do you spend your time thinking about. What do you share. What do you hide. What would you give it all up for. What would you walk away from. What would make you stay.  What gives you peace. What ties you in knots. What does a day mean to […]

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A walk through time

A walk. A simple, uncomplicated walk. Maybe a stroll. A stroll through a forest. Or maybe along the beach. How about over a mountain range. Not too hard. Nice slopes. Or warm sand between your toes. Maybe a walk through the mall or down the small town small shops. Not buying anything. No goal in […]

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Finite meet infinite

The comment keeps swirling around in my mind. It was told to me so long ago yet, as each year goes by, it makes more and more sense to me. “Man plans and GOD laughs”. We  try so hard to control events. We actually believe we can figure it out and plan out the beginning, […]

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A motorcycle and a dance in time

I saddled up the Harley early. There was a wonderful chill in the air. I bundled up and put on a face mask under my helmet. The Patagonia vest was perfect under the leather jacket. It was a cold ride especially when the speeds got up to 65 mph. I passed folks in their cars […]

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A path to the stage

I couldn’t tell how old they were. Some looked more tired than others but the age was tough to call. What did seem to separate them was the  smile on their faces or not. Some were just so serious. You could tell that they were measuring each word spoken or  each position taken. Some just […]

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Route 66 and the back roads

The red jeep turned off Niwot Road and headed up to Hygiene,Colorado. From there it made its way to Highway 66.  What is it about that road that puts a smile on my  face. Maybe it is remembering an earlier time when the TV show Route 66 was on and traveling around the country  meeting […]

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The century challenge

You  ask why. What is the purpose.  But both during and after it makes perfect sense.  The Crossfit today included the century situp challenge. 100 situps as fast as possible. Understanding that this was just the warm up I realized it  was going to be a sweaty morning. The situps were done in my new […]

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The unknown possibility

Embracing the unknown.  If you keep doing the same thing you probably are going to get the same result.  Maybe not, but the odds are good that same equals same. Yet, if you decide to release the same and walk toward the unknown, the possibilities are multiplied that  an adventure awaits you. There is a […]

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