A walk through time

A walk. A simple, uncomplicated walk. Maybe a stroll. A stroll through a forest. Or maybe along the beach. How about over a mountain range. Not too hard. Nice slopes. Or warm sand between your toes. Maybe a walk through the mall or down the small town small shops. Not buying anything. No goal in mind. Just a walk through your time and life.

That is all it is after all. Just a walk through your story. Who you met. What you felt. Who you touched. Who touched or moved you. What you learned. What you taught someone. Life is just a walk through events.

It doesn’t have to have a destination. There really is none except the last stop. But that last stop awaits us all. Everything else is just a walk through  the gift of a day. One added to the next.

Can you see it that way. Reframe it all. Break it down to just a visitor in time. We are visitors to this blue globe.  Here . Then not. So take a walk today. For no other reason then to connect to the ground beneath you. The sky above you and the space we fill.

The ageless experiment.


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4 Responses to A walk through time

  1. Heather 09/25/2012 at #

    I have a story about my father who died in 1971—My parents made friends everywhere they went–My father was on the elevator coming to visit my family–He made friends on the elevator and one person came to me and said he is the nicest person they ever met-and that was juist an elevator ride!

    • Paul 09/25/2012 at #

      Thanks for thst…beautiful.

  2. Karen 09/25/2012 at #

    I like to walk outside and when I do, I try to remember to take deep breaths to smell the air. Also find myself giving thanks during my walks.

    • Paul 09/25/2012 at #

      Great way to find balance. Thanks

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