A motorcycle and a dance in time

I saddled up the Harley early. There was a wonderful chill in the air. I bundled up and put on a face mask under my helmet. The Patagonia vest was perfect under the leather jacket. It was a cold ride especially when the speeds got up to 65 mph.

I passed folks in their cars and realized they had music playing and the heat on. They looked so comfortable.Yet I wouldn’t trade places. Being one with the moment is everything. Being at risk in the moment is vital. You feel present. Nothing robotic about it. No trying to figure out how you got from A to B.  No zoning out. It is a very zen experience. Man,machine, moment, time, space, destiny are all one.

How do you connect with the moment and your time here and now. Is it music. Or dance. Or exercise. Or what?  What connects you to you in this slice of eternity that we call our life.  What takes you out of the nonsense of the day and places you front and center in the miracle of you.  Step into the zone of your time. Live it. Risk it. Love it. Be it.

We are given one chance to live it. So please do

The ageless experiment.


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8 Responses to A motorcycle and a dance in time

  1. Heather 09/20/2012 at #

    I have learned so much from you in all of your blogs—but I had a setback—and I read some of your blogs and I felt better—your experiences help me in so many ways—

    • Paul 09/20/2012 at #

      Thank you. It is such a narrow window of time to experience it all. Relax and do just that. I would love to hear more from you and your family and friends on their journey through this magical slice in time.

  2. Kyle 09/21/2012 at #

    Breathe-smell the crisp air & notice the temperature changes.
    Maybe a small, but managable move outside your comfort zone; like a quick blip of the throttle…look farther ahead & feel you & your bike’s synergy. 😉

    • Paul 09/21/2012 at #

      You got it!

  3. Chequita 09/21/2012 at #

    You painted a wonderful picture my friend. Live,feel and appreciate the moments……

    • Paul 09/21/2012 at #

      Thank you for your wonderful comments. Keep them coming. I would love to hear from you, your friends and family about your life adventures. Have a great day my friend.

  4. Bruce 09/24/2012 at #

    Certainly agree with your thoughts about dance in time – strong and direct connection between a motorcycle experience and being more fully conscious.

    • Paul 09/24/2012 at #

      Fully conscious. Great concept.

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