Motorcycles and the ride

It has been a while. I hadn’t taken a motorcycle out on the North Carolina back roads in quite a while. The Yamaha was a new ride for me and the 4 of us headed out from Franklin through parts of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Twists, switchbacks, straight always and a few drops of rain later we ended up grabbing a bite to eat in Georgia then back to the starting gate in NC. Random thoughts: motorcycles are a sweet way to travel, sharing the open road with friends is a great way to see the country, meeting up with strangers along the way is fun and experiencing the day on the open road is a joy. It is simply riding the open road because it is there. A few turns were challenging and a few moments you are mindful of the frailty of the ride especially on a 180 degree turn with trucks coming the other way but there is no rush. No place to be except where you are. So enjoy the chance to ride the high country one more time.


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  1. HEATHER 07/08/2017 at #

    Paul whatever write is pure enjoyment—–We as you know are different but alike in so many ways—-When you write magic happens—-You were meant to be a great rider and writer—-Love everything you write about!!!

    • Paul 07/08/2017 at #


  2. Bruce Langford 07/08/2017 at #


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