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I had bypass surgery 6 months ago this coming Wednesday. 5 bypasses. I am back at crossfit challenging myself to be more. Testing the limits of healing and the body’s response. I am pushing forward. I realized once again that the gift is fragile. Yet the body and spirit are amazing. We are the ultimate […]

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The effort

Crossfit has been part of my life now for quite a while. It has challenged me, pushed me, tested me and kept me healthy and health conscious. After my heart surgery I knew it would be some time to get back to the effort. Slowly that happened. But on this day it was a full […]

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The ageless zone

Crossfit is an amazing answer to a long lingering question. How to stay healthy, focused and strong no matter the age. Exercise is vital, but Crossfit takes you to a different level. It is relentless in challenging you to push yourself beyond comfort. Beyond the zone of easygoing movements and into the zone of stretching […]

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The winter of choices

The cold has been challenging. Minus weather is new for us. -9 in the morning but we ventured out to Crossfit. The workout got us warm and sweaty. The drive home reminded me of earlier times when we were growing up in New York and the winter months made each day an adventure. One year […]

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The world of…can

Crossfit: nearly each morning we make our way to Crossfit in Longmont. As we pull up we know that the next hour will be extreme, challenging, testing, sweating and fulfilling. It will be fun in an odd sort of why….like you know that the end result is good and healthy on so many levels, even […]

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The door to your destiny

I did the mile. Then I rowed the 2k. Then I did the push presses. Of course all that was done after the warmup of bear crawls. During each exercise you think about stopping, quitting or just sitting down but you don’t. Why? Why not? You keep going because it is you with you seeking […]

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Personal best …every day

The words “personal best” stuck with me. We were at Crossfit and hit two personal bests. Back squat at 165 lb and snatch at 90 lbs. But the words stayed with me. Why not in every effort go for your personal best. Test yourself. Challenge yourself. Push yourself. Your life must be going on all […]

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Connecting to the step beyond doubt

The connection between Crossfit and motorcycles is that you must be in the moment. You must commit to your story and your adventure. You need to be present in the now. Risk is part of it. Pushing beyond your comfort zone is part of the day, if you want to live to your full potential. […]

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The ageless challenge

Crossfit is the challenge. It is the ageless moment in a day so often filled with limitations. ┬áBut not for that workout. For that moment you are living beyond the calendar and the ┬ádate on your birth certificate. You are just you in the moment. You in the now. So we pushed through the run. […]

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Full throttle

Passion and Crossfit. The two go together. Passion and…fill in that thing that you do that challenges you to be all of you in the moment. Not phoning life in but participating in your personal journey and story. Today it was 50-40-30-20. Wall balls-box jumps -kettle bell swings-deadlifts….then of course rowing…and ,of course before all […]

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