The red jeep and a mountain range

It  was right out of a Rockwell painting. The red jeep was parked at  the ledge of a turnout by the ridge overlooking Estes Park. The snow was on the mountain peaks. The clouds were rolling in for the late afternoon rains.  We stood in front of the jeep and just stared.

What does simplicity look like. What does perfection feel like. Holding hands being in the moment. Nothing need be said. Nothing else is needed. People search the world for a moment that can be found with just a jeep and the view of the mountain.

What is the meaning of a day. What is a perfect moment for you.  For me it is found in a relationship that is as simple and genuine as the turnout from the busy day. Are you the turnout for your special one.

A red jeep, a mountain range and the connection.  What else is there.

The ageless experiment.



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6 Responses to The red jeep and a mountain range

  1. HEATHER 07/25/2012 at #

    I love the website—I love all of what you write pure genius!

    • Paul 07/25/2012 at #

      Thank you so much. I want us all to live with no boundaries. Defining ourselves as we go. We are ageless.

  2. sandy 07/25/2012 at #

    I know of this Red Jeep you speak of and it has been the chariot of several perfect moments for me as well. 🙂

    My favorite toast, borrowed from my sister, is to raise the glass & look around the room and say “I declare THIS a perfect moment.”

    My family makes fun of my constant search for perfect moments. My husband tells me I’m too generous in the use of the word “perfect”. But I believe there is perfection in that moment each morning when I take the first sip of my carefully made cup of cafe mocha (which is simply pouring chocolate syrup into my coffee), or the moment when we sit down to dinner and everyone lets out a little sigh after a busy day, or the moment I climb under the covers with a new book, ahhhh how I love my pillow.

    I think it’s one of the best ways to live your life, in search of as many perfect moments as you can declare.


    • Paul 07/25/2012 at #

      What great images you create. A toast to a perfect moment is a joy. That red jeep has definitely shared memories, laughs and a wonderful bouncing ride over the Rockies. More moments await us.

  3. Debbie 07/29/2012 at #

    Beautiful post Paul! It feels like a chapter right out of my soul’s book. I’ve had almost that exact perfect moment only my Jeep is blue 🙂

    • Paul 07/29/2012 at #

      Thank you for your beautiful comment. I believe in the soulful moments. The connection to the larger story that we can all be part of if we just choose to be. Thank you for your friendship.

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