Not even a contest

Not even a contest. You watch the sunset. Or maybe you are an early riser and watch the sunrise. During the day you take a break from the routine and look up. Or look to the horizon. Or maybe you take a moment during the day and watch your child play. You reflect that you were part of the creation of the miracle of life. Once you take this time you put everything else in context.  Everything else is stuff. It is not even a contest. Remember you are part of the sunrise. The sunset. The ebb and flow of life. Don’t get lost in the little stuff when the day is filled with magic.


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3 Responses to Not even a contest

  1. Bruce Langford 12/26/2016 at #

    We are so blessed to even be able to have the opportunity to experience the moments you describe.

    • Paul 12/26/2016 at #

      Indeed. Grateful. Happy new year my friend.

      • HEATHER 12/26/2016 at #


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