The quiet

It was early as I headed out for the morning Crossfit. As my car crossed the expansion bridge I heard some horns honking and saw a few cars cutting other cars off and everyone ,it seemed, was on a phone or texting…whether in a car or on a bike or walking on the street. It all felt surreal to me. The only words that flashed through my mind were..what happened?

As my car made its way to the box…as we lovingly call the workout area…the words kept popping into my head. Then I thought what would happen if we just became quiet for a bit. I just thought about a more peaceful time. A more gentle way to do things. The quiet. A silence. A getting along. A cooperation in the air.  Quiet has an important place in our lives.  It has value. It is worthy of our attention.  When did we let it slip away?  Can we recapture it?

I like to think we can. We are still strong enough to seize back the quiet from all the chatter.  How about walking quietly today.  Release. Let go and find your quiet spot.

The ageless experiment.


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6 Responses to The quiet

  1. Karen 01/16/2013 at #

    Amen to that Paul. Don’t forget to take a couple deep ones when you do. As a child I could never understand, silence is golden. As a teenager I felt uncomfortable with silence. As an adult I savor my silent moments.

    • Paul 01/16/2013 at #

      Amend indeed,

    • Harvey Langberg 01/17/2013 at #

      I had a “quiet” experience, yesterday at Winter Park, CO Ski Resort. On the chairlift I made a mental note of the beauty, the snow surface and the low hanging clouds, the temp and wind. At the top of my list was the sense of hearing and the utter quiet. No screaming snow boaders, no loud music, no one on the lift chattering on a cell phone. Just nature and quiet. I thought about the personal value of “quiet.” The best. Harvey

      • Paul 01/17/2013 at #

        Beautiful. As each day goes by in this new chapter in our lives I appreciate that it is the day itself that is the gift. The beauty of the quiet. The silence. The snow. The rain. The beauty of the now. Thanks for the reminder. Spread the word.

  2. Bruce 01/16/2013 at #

    Consciously seeking “quiet” is hard work and deliberate intention.
    Probably why so few do it.

    • Paul 01/16/2013 at #

      You are right!

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