The quiet, part 2

The quiet seems to have hit a chord. There was a time when quiet was alive and well. There was a time when quiet was better understood. Appreciated. Respected. Cherished. Now it seems that it is just that place you have to get through to arrive at the “important, good stuff” .. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We need quiet. Our body craves it. Our soul yearns for it. Our mind fights against it since we forgot how to stop the chatter. Maybe that is why Crossfit resonates with me. Although it is extreme it takes me to a quiet internal place thst needs to be visited. Maybe that is why the mountains on a motorcycle means so much to me. It is traveling through nature without interruption. No calls. No radio. No conversation. Just the moment in time.

Crazy has crowded out calm. Nonsense has pushed aside silence. Mediocrity has drowned out quality. Isn’t it time to let calm, silence and quality back into our life. Have you forgotten who you are. Have you longed for your own friendship again.

Let me hear more about your journey to the quiet zone in time where you reconnect with yourself and your other fellow seekers of  contemplation.


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10 Responses to The quiet, part 2

  1. Lisa 01/18/2013 at #

    I remember feeling so connected and “in the zone” where I wasn’t thinking about anything else except the next 3 ft in front of me when Lauren and I would go dirt bike riding with Dad at The River. Even amidst all the buzz from the motorcycles, soft sand, twists and turns, I always look back on those memories and think about how quiet my mind really was.

    • Paul 01/18/2013 at #

      Beautiful! What a great memory. You are so lucky to have that gift. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Harvey Langberg 01/18/2013 at #

    When is the last time that an MD came to your home to treat you because you were sick? When did you last encounter a milkman riding a horse drawn milk wagon delivering milk to your doorstep? Did you know that he was so happy to have a job and, he loved his work? How about anyone that you know chosing to talk to you, face to face with eye contact, instead of a texting you? Have you seen people that are electronic world ‘automatons,’ mechanical in movement and robotic in action? Oblivious to their surroundings and the people around them. The ‘change’ is irreversable, I fear. Quiet is history. Harvey

    • Paul 01/18/2013 at #

      Lets be new pioneers. Thanks buddy.

      • Harvey Langberg 01/18/2013 at #

        Paul, how can you be a ‘pioneer’ – help open a new line of thought or activity – to a group of people who are robots? They walk in to a street intersection head down, on a red light, while texting. Car horns and screeching tires do not alarm them. Oblivion prevails. Harvey

        • Paul 01/18/2013 at #

          We start with you, me, other ageless experimenters and expand from there!

  3. Lindsay 01/21/2013 at #

    One of my favorite quotes that I ever read was, “Amidst chaos, seek harmony.” For whatever reason, when I read it many years ago, it struck a chord. I find the world to be so crazy & loud, that only when we stop, does the cacophony end. I agree that technology has altered our brains into an incessant machine. We don’t take enough time to appreciate the gorgeousness of the present moment…allowing our senses to be fully saturated with the silence. I as well find that being in nature allows a slowing down of the racing mind…deeper breathing….a natural sedative for the soul. Enjoy the wonders & benefits of the natural world!! 🙂

    • Paul 01/21/2013 at #

      You are a wise soul. Thank you for the reminder. Find the joy in the quiet moments of the day.

  4. Karen 01/23/2013 at #

    Try playng Pandora, the Spa music at bedtime and focus only on the sounds. This is the only time I get to zone in or out depending on how you look at it.

    • Paul 01/23/2013 at #

      Thanks for heads up….miss u buddy

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