The effort….nothing left

I sat on the pavement with my back to the wall. The sun was still beating down. My shirt was soaked through. The prowler push high/low was the last part of the workout that tipped the scales to “nothing left”.  An other Crossfit moment.

In that odd way it felt great. The idea of “nothing left”. After a few nods and thanks for the effort I headed home and out for the day. Nothing left. Isn’t that the way you want it to be. In everything you do. You want to be all used up and know that you gave it your all.

Too often we hold back. Too often we don’t risk. Maybe fear of failure stops us from succeeding. But what other choice is there. In the end you want to be sitting on the pavement, with your back to the wall, sun beating down and “nothing left”.

So today commit to pushing yourself to the next level in whatever you do. Waiting is not an option. Being safe has so many drawbacks. Today start with one thing that you have wanted to try. Step up to your life.  The motto today is “nothing left”.

The ageless experiment.


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2 Responses to The effort….nothing left

  1. Chequita 08/06/2012 at #

    As my mom use to say,”There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

    • Paul 08/06/2012 at #

      You are one of the most tireless people I know. It is beautiful.

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